21st century Macaroons!

My Aunt once got upset with me for using the word “shit”, but to me, that’s how her macaroons tasted.

I’ve got some great news for you all – Macaroons have changed, they’re nice now.

As a child, if someone offered me something that looked like a biscuit then you took it as a given that it was ‘guaranteed’ to be delicious – that was until I discovered macaroons. Macaroons made me WARY of biscuits. Back then they were just big coconut scabs – all dry and thin like a pensioners kneecap.

“Don’t make a fuss James! They’re just “nut flavoured” biscuits” people would say,

But why then, did they taste of sadness and dog’s balls?

And the horrible taste lingered, If I try really hard, even now, I think I might still be able to taste my first one.

But yesterday my friends, I had a 21st century macaroon and it was different. Gone were the overriding flavours of melancholy and canine genitals and in their stead was a moist coconut delicacy. The beige dandruff cookie of my childhood had transformed into a seductive beauty, it didn’t have that dreaded arthritic snap that I remember, instead it parted slowly, coyly, like a sweet charmed maiden up for some barnhouse fun. And the colours! Magenta! Pistachio! Yellowish!

Go forth today my friends and find yourself a 21st century macaroon* – you will not regret it!

Unless you have a nut allergy*


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